Families Matter Research Group Interactive Series: Communicating about Trauma

Date & Time: May 12, 2022 at 11:00 am ET

Register: https://www.cipsrt-icrtsp.ca/en/knowledge-for-you/webinars

Communicating about trauma was the top priority recognized by participants at the recent launch of the Families Matter Research Group. In response, we invite families of PSP to join us as we welcome two therapists who specialize in working with individuals who have been exposed to trauma as well as those who are close to them.

News & Events

From Input to Action:  An Interactive Virtual Town Hall for the Families of Public Safety Personnel (PSP)

On January 27, 2022, Dr. Heidi Cramm of the Families Matter Research Group lead the event with Lisa Delaney, Community Development Manager. After some quick introductions, attendees moved into moderated breakout rooms where attendees explored the important questions of “What do PSP families need to know about what it means to be on the job?” and “What needs to be done to support PSP families in the future?” 

Research engagement event

Families Matter: Exploring Military and Veteran Family Involvement in Suicide Prevention in Canada and Abroad took place on November 27, 2021. Check out the youtube recording of the event or the fact sheet of what we found


Fact sheet: https://veteransmentalhealth.ca/documents/families-matter/families-matter-fact-sheet-e.pdf


Dr. Cramm was featured on Candace Sampson’s podcast, What She Said! Look for the interview at 16:30



Toronto Star

“Suicide risk is higher not only for military, but also their families, new research shows.” Toronto Star. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/12/10/suicide-risk-is-higher-not-only-for-military-but-also-their-families-new-research-shows.html. December 10, 2021.

Partner publications

“Research Recap: Caring for Youth from Military Families”. The Vanier Institute of the Family. https://vanierinstitute.ca/research-recap-caring-for-youth-from-military-families/. November 10, 2021.

Recent Publications (Trainees)

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