Resilience Training for PSP Families (coming soon):

The proposed intervention is family-centred and focused on prevention to heighten PSP families’ awareness and understanding of some of the impacts of their day-to-day challenges. Though most PSP families function well, there is evidence that otherwise capable families can be derailed by cumulative or unexpected events. Developing key skills and accumulating resources can significantly increase opportunities for families to avert or manage a crisis. The goal of this intervention is to motivate families to work together to strengthen relationships and enhance their decision-making skills. The program is strength-based, evidence-informed, and interactive (fun!) and will be piloted in an online self-directed format to allow families to participate and progress through the modules at their own pace.

Marilyn Cox, MFSG

Research Assistant, Dept. Family Studies and Gerontology. Mount Saint Vincent University

Phase 2 of the Suicide Prevention & Military and Veteran Families coming soon!