What we do:

Produce research

Our interdisciplinary group currently generates research on a range of topics focused on the families of Military, Veteran and Public Safety Personnel including mental health, post-traumatic stress, operational stress, work-family conflict, trauma, and resilience(y).

Build capacity

We recognize the unique training needs for current and future family researchers to be equipped to rapidly respond to the research priorities and knowledge mobilization needs within and across high-risk professions.

If you are interested in exploring graduate studies through a Master’s in Rehabilitation Science, a PhD in Rehabilitation Science, or an applied doctorate DSc in Health and Rehabilitation Leadership, please contact heidi.cramm@queensu.ca

If you are interested in exploring graduate studies in Family Studies and Gerontology, please follow this link.

Engage with families and stakeholders

We are committed to developing and sustaining relationships with families of those working in high-risk occupations, as well as organizations that serve and support families.

If you or your organization would like to know more about how FMRG might be able to work with you, please contact us at familiesmatter@queensu.ca


Through research with an occupational lens, our interdisciplinary research group enacts a social mission to advance the state of family-centred research informing policy, practice, and programming for families. We

  • Produce research
  • Build capacity
  • Engage with families and stakeholders.
Family at home


We envision a Canada where the families of military, veterans, and public safety personnel who serve alongside thrive in a caring and compassionate society, in an inclusive and vibrant culture and a safe and sustainable environment.


  • We put families first.
  • We recognize the diversity of families.
  • We build trust and relationships through collaboration.
  • We commit to impact, implementation and knowledge mobilization.