Mother and child

What have we learned about families through research?

Families matter unequivocally in their own right, with experiences, needs, and issues directly and indirectly related to the occupations of the family member. The families of military, Veterans, and Public Safety Personnel are often called upon to support the serving member as an extension of the organization, ensuring operational readiness and sustainability. These are important ways in which families are a vital contributor to these demanding occupations. For them to be able to successfully support the serving member, they too need support, independent of the family member they are expected to support.

Our focus

To maintain safety and security at home and abroad, military and public safety personnel serve in occupations that carry considerable risk and requirement. Families serve alongside their members in these high-risk professions. There are unique lifestyle challenges associated with being part of these families. We have been engaged in research to advance knowledge about the families of military, veterans, and public safety personnel, informing evidence-based policy, practice, and program development across the life course of families, lifecycle of occupations, and the trajectory of exposure and accumulation of occupational risks and requirements. This evidence base will have relevance to other occupational groups that experience demanding occupational risks and requirements.

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